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Starting early with the University Placements

  • 29 August 2022

College and University placements play a big role for the IBDP students as they plan their journey well in advance and decide their subject choices in the DP program depending on their choice of college.

Come September and students are already busy with their Personal statement, common app essay, supplement essays and letter of recommendation While the prudent ones would have started on their lists of universities 6 months before the actual application date.

Amongst all of the flurry of activities in school Universities Visits are also very important . August and September are the months when the admission representatives or faculty members from universities travel to different countries & cities countrywide to meet students one on one or as a group.

These are great opportunities for the students as they get to meet universities of their choice which is very helpful in their journey towards finding the best fit university. Yes, these days one can get every bit of information from the internet however admission officers and faculty members often give tips and facts that are from their personal experience.

Most of the DP students prefer to study abroad and their preferred destinations are US, UK, Canada and Australia. The recent trend has been that students are preferring going to Europe as the tuition fees are comparatively less when compared to US and UK. Most of the foreign universities also offer good scholarships depending on the academic and predicted scores of the students.

Over the last few years we also have seen a rise in applications to Indian Universities like Ashoka, Krea and Flame where students prefer doing the Liberal Arts program. This choice of University placements over the past few years has undergone a change and most of the universities have bought in flexibility in their college programs

Written By Raakhee Gogogi,

Career Counsellor- Oakridge International School

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