Sports and wellness

Our school hosts a range of sports facilities with state-of-the-art facilities and the latest technology

Our aim in Physical Education is to introduce students to a wide variety of sports and activities with the hope that they leave Oakridge International School, Bengaluru recognizing the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle after developing a love for physical activity. The sports facilities provided at our school are soccer, cricket, basketball, swimming, taekwondo, tennis and rock climbing. 

Our Physical Education curriculum provides an opportunity for each student to:  

  • Demonstrate the ability to improve the range, quality and complexity of their skills  
  • Understand and apply appropriate strategies and tactics  
  • Develop social awareness and problem-solving skills to work independently and as part of a team within a safe, learner-friendly environment  
  • Foster an understanding and appreciation of the role activity plays in promoting health-related fitness  
  • Learn to constructively evaluate their own performance and that of others and provide informed feedback, with an aim to continually reflect upon and improve their performance  
  • Understand how to lead themselves and others within physical activity 

Sports We Offer -


Cricket, a fun and beneficial form of work out and social game to play, that’s easy to learn and can be enjoyed by boys and girls from as young as 5 years old. In our school cricket as part of their physical education curriculum and have a team that plays in a local setting.


The intense, fast-paced action of a typical basketball game develops learners speed, hand-eye coordination and cardiovascular endurance. Moving quickly back and forth across the court develops lower-body fitness, while shooting, defending and passing develop upper-body fitness.


Running at any intensity for 90 minutes requires a high level of stamina. Therefore, football players often have a tremendous amount of aerobic capacity being able to go from walking to sprinting and have a fast recovery to do it again. At OIS Bengaluru, students are instructed the benefits of playing soccer which help in Cardiovascular Health, Lowers Body Fat and Muscle Tone, Builds Muscle Strength, Increases Bone Strength, Teaches Coordination, Promotes Teamwork Sharing and caring and Increases Cognitive Brain Function.


Swimming is not only a sport, but it’s also a life-saving skill and regular practice keeps you fit and healthy. Objective to assess the learners are the correct technique and skill involved.


Tennis is a popular sport that emphasises values, such as fair play, sportsmanship and respect. This sport aids in maintaining health, fitness, strength and agility. It also has social and psychological benefits like increasing aerobic capacities, increasing bone density, improving muscle tone, strength and flexibility Increasing reaction times, and also helps our students in teaching self-discipline


Taekwondo builds the learners confidence and encourages the students to succeed and to take control of your life and also Develops discipline. It also enhances self-esteem by heightening students’ physical and mental powers. It builds confidence by encouraging you to succeed and to take control of your life. Additionally, it develops discipline by thoroughly training your body and mind in the tenets and techniques of Taekwondo.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is not only a sport it is way of life which helps an individual to get strong both physically and mentally. Climbing helps with fine motor skills, flexibility and strengthen muscles. 

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