Scientific Activities

Our approach to teaching the interdisciplinary subjects of STEAM is all about giving your child the tools to achieve more. Through hands-on practical problem solving, interdisciplinary learning and the development of transferable skills, your child can imagine a world of boundless opportunities.  At Oakridge International School, Bengaluru, your child will be involved in projects with learning outcomes that goes beyond the textbooks. From research to planning, hand and head working in coordination for execution, students at our school are constantly in a journey to explore the unimaginable.  

  • We have begun the preparatory work around the MIT STEAM Programme and will soon be initiating the first leg of this chapter. The Programme enables students to experience a university-inspired approach to learning STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) subjects. 
  • Our school acts as a catalyst to students’ ideas, where we allow their creativity to soar high; some of the notable achievements above-and-beyond academics of our students were Weather Balloon, Card-less ATM Transaction, and Autonomous Transport Vehicle.

Design Lab

At Oakridge, we have a well-equipped Design lab that allows our learners to create innovative, sustainable, human-centered solutions for the problems they identify. We have a research corner with laptops and peripheral devices for students to inquire and investigate through technology. Our learners are engaged in hands-on learning experiences through Carpentry work, Lego Robotics and manual product development. Our learners also conduct a Collection drive every year in school to collect unused, discarded materials and work on sustainable projects that can reuse those components. Learners also follow the necessary safety precautions in the Design lab while working on various machines. The objective of this space is to:

  • Foster collaboration and engage students and educators in real-time problem solving
  • Explore and scale impactful design solutions
  • Create a culture of innovation and encourage teamwork
  • Efficient management of time and resources

3D Printing lab

The 3D Printer at Design lab helps our students convert their digitally sculpted 3D files into tangible components. Learners understand the working of a 3Dprinter with plastic filament along with the file conversion and layering mechanisms behind it. The 3D printer comes with an in-built software to process the file conversion and prints the objects modelled by our learners.

2D Printing lab

Our students get their hands-on experience with software like Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator to create a 2D design of the product and print their designs using laser cutter. This process of model-making and prototype construction helps students create a wide-variety of colorful designs virtually and bring those to life by using their time effectively.