School Trips

Learning takes place everywhere. With our educational visits and trips, your child enhances their learning experience

Field trips and expeditions are an integral part of our school’s IB based curriculum. They are an extension of learning engagements of concepts that enables your child to gain experiential learning beyond their classrooms and facilitate efficient lifelong learnings as well. These are the best educational instruments that allow students to interact with people and places that they are not normally exposed to during school hours. We, at Oakridge International School, Bengaluru, provide a multi-faceted educational experience through these local and global fieldtrips/expeditions.

Whilst each trip has a subject-related focus, we believe it is important not to miss an opportunity. In every trip, we weave in elements of your destination’s geography, history, politics, religion, society, economy, science and environment. We use these to bridge the gaps between learning and hands on experience. These are educational as well as entertaining. 

The school has always believed in the positive effects of experiential learning and our expeditions are designed to broaden our students’ perspectives and expose them to different cultures, people and ideas. Your child will have access to global, regional and local opportunities. Expeditions at Nord Anglia Education challenge your child to take their learnings outside the classroom and open their eyes to the world around them.

Recently our students of the Middle Years Programme went to watch the movie “Mission Mangal” to learn more about the life of scientists at the Indian Space Research Organisation who were responsible for the Mars Orbiter Mission, India’s first interplanetary expedition and therefore they connected very well with their unit ‘Space and Earth Science’.

The result of these activities is an educational experience of unrivalled impact and an adventure that expands global horizons. In expeditions – travelling to an entirely new part of the world pushes us outside our comfort zones, both mentally and physically. This is where the magic happens. When students are given an opportunity to shine outside of the classroom. These help students to gain a better understanding of topics, builds open mindedness, cultural understanding and tolerance.

Through these activities, students develop knowledge, skills, values and attitudes of citizens to lead productive lives, make informed decisions and assume active roles locally and globally while facing and resolving global challenges. These experiential learnings are the best tools that we can use to provide every students with real –world experiences and make concepts more memorable.