Community Services

Let your child rethink the challenges and opportunities in international education through social responsibility engagement

At Oakridge International School, Bengaluru we encourage students, teachers and school communities to do social good through outreach activities.  Creativity, activity, service unleashes an Oakridger’s ability to achieve the best, set up in real-life situations and challenges. This mandatory curricular requirement pushes IB learners to regularly involve themselves in experiences which are from their learning areas, interest in physical activities and more importantly, community service. Aligned to the vision and mission of Oakridge and the IB, this programme is dedicated to discovering the holistic learner in our students through various activities that our students involve regularly, and through the CAS project that they effectuate in IBDP Year 1. At Oakridge, we provide World Class exposure and activities for our learners to be able to realise their potential.

Give Way to



2 out of 8 accident victims cannot reach hospitals during the ‘golden hour’, according to a study. Seeing how important it is to help accident victims reach hospitals, 7000 Oakridgers undertook a campaign called ‘Give Way to Ambulance’ and reached out to everybody in their vicinity – their friends, relatives and neighbours to pledge that they will save hundreds of human lives by moving to their left and save lives, by giving way to ambulance, no matter what situation.

Responding to the increasing water issues faced by cities like Bangalore, our students realised and took immediate action to put an end to this crisis by involving in meaningful steps including afforestation, campaigning in building societies and corporate campuses and creating other types of awareness activities including creating posters, art works, murals and artefacts. Our mission is to help others thrive. Our school has nurtured a close-knit community where our students, parents and teachers feel welcome and involved. We also encourage our schools to be active members of their local neighbourhoods to ensure that the whole community thrives.




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