Middle Years Programme

Our curricula is dedicated to broaden your child's horizons academically, socially and globally

Middle Years Programme designed to cater to the educational and developmental needs of 11 to 16 years old students places the learner at the heart of the programme. An inquiry-based approach for conceptual learning ensures the integration of skills into the teaching-learning processes. The Middle Years Programme model offers eight subject groups – Language and Literature, Mathematics, Sciences, Individuals and Societies, Language Acquisitions, Art, Design and Physical and Health Education. This broad, balanced and structured curriculum helps students explore the relevance of their learning in the real world. The continuum of the three IB programmes offered at Oakridge (Primary Years, Middle Years, Diploma Programme) ensures the continuity in the development of knowledge, skills, concepts and content. Our IB-trained pool of teachers with their planning and collaboration ensure world-class status of delivery of the curriculum to your child.

IB Middle years programme
  •  An inquiry based classroom where the concepts are woven into units, driven by a statement of inquiry and explored through inquiry questions revolving around a Global Context.
  • Formative Assessment and End of unit summative assessments which are mostly task based are designed to ensure continuous engagement of the students with the concepts and content in a real-world context. The feedback from teachers and student reflections pave a path for improvement in not only performance but also the teaching learning practices.
  • Focus on community service, skill development, finding interdisciplinary threads – connections of one subject with others, IB Learner Profile are the key highlights of an MYP classroom at Oakridge.




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