Summer Camp 2022

Summer Learning Program

Oakridge International school Bengaluru launches its summer camp for 2022. The only chance for your kid to have a summer full of adventure and learning.
This camp will provide an opportunity for your kid to enhance its physical and mental abilities with the wide range of activities to learn from.

Scope of Service

  • MUN Stimulation: Basics of MUN, non argumentative speech building , Roles & responsibilities as member of particular committee
  • Entrepreneurship: Problem solving Prototyping (Physical and Digital) , Start up modelling negotiations & pitching
  • Fitness & Mental Wellbeing: Strength and Conditioning, HIIT, Muscle and Core Development Understanding the self Psychology of the heart
  • MUN Stimulation: Motion breakdowns, Speech writing, Theory of MUNS, Simulation and participating in competitive MUNs
  • Shiminly Skills: Learn Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Social, Communication, Time Management skills from our International teachers in UK , USA.
  • I am a Maker – Kiddo: Building a Solar Car Prototype, Application of wind energy, Designing a Rubber band powered sail boat
  • I am a Maker – Junior: Colorful Science, fun with multiple reflections, Design a wheel scope, electricity heart of all energies
  • I am a Maker – Senior: Electricity, circuits & stimulation, Electromagnetic swing, natural forces & motions -Newtons law, exploring potentiometer
S. No Program Offered Grades Cost
1 MUN Stimulation Grade 6-8 Rs. 7000
2 Entrepreneurship Grade 9 & 11 Rs. 7000
3 Fitness & Mental Wellbeing Grade 9 & 11 Rs. 7000
4 MUN Stimulation Grade 4-5 Rs. 7000
5 Shiminly Skills Grade 1-12 Rs. 3000
6 I am a Maker -Kiddo Grade 1-3 Rs. 11000
7 I am a Maker -Junior Grade 4-6 Rs. 11000
8 I am a Maker -Senior  Grade 7-9 Rs. 11000

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