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Importance of IB Training Workshop for Educators

  • 11 July 2024

Vacation at Oakridge International School Bengaluru is always about preparing for the upcoming academic year. Like every year, IB workshops were held for our teachers on campus as a prelude and preparation for the new year.

Effective learning happens when educators and students adopt a transdisciplinary approach. This workshop aided teachers in curriculum development, enhancing their skills to create curricula that balance both disciplinary and transdisciplinary methods, addressing the needs of learners and the learning community.

Why are IB workshops organised?
  • To create in-depth understanding of the IB program through the conceptual lens.
  • To specifically know the program requirements and accordingly design/realign the curriculum.
  • To apply the understanding of the conceptual knowledge in the planners and thereby in classrooms.
  • What are the topics of IB workshops?

    Creating a curriculum for transdisciplinary learning, PYP Learning and Teaching for conceptual understanding, MYP Creating authentic units Cat 3, and The Role of the Supervisor in the DP Extended Essay, are some of the topics covered in the IB professional development workshops organised for educators and school leaders.

    Systematic reflection, review and revision of the curriculum supported the forward momentum of these sessions at Oakridge International School, Bengaluru. Participants explored ways to involve students as collaborators in curriculum creation, foster transdisciplinary thinking, and address real-life issues to drive change.