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Oakridge Pre-nursery Curriculum: What to expect for a 2yr old!

  • 15 May 2024

Are You Curious About Your Toddler’s Development? Here’s What to Expect at Oakridge International School Bengaluru Pre-nursery!

Watching your toddler grow and learn is a fascinating journey, full of milestones and joyful discoveries. But how can you best support their development during these crucial early years? Read on to understand our pre-nursery curriculum that elaborates on a child’s developmental progress between the ages of 2 and 3.

Cognitive Development:

Encouraging curiosity through hands-on activities, imaginary or pretend play while fostering love for learning

Providing opportunities for children to engage in pretend play that reflects real-world experiences.

Introducing basic concepts like shapes, colours, and numbers through play.

Stimulating early problem-solving skills with puzzles and sorting games.

Introducing a variety of role-play scenarios to explore different occupations and roles.

Physical Development:

Promoting gross motor skills through activities like crawling, walking, and climbing.

Stimulating fine motor skills with activities such as stacking blocks and finger painting.

Providing ample opportunities for sensory exploration with textured materials.

Socio-Emotional Development:

Fostering a sense of security and trust through consistent routines and nurturing interactions.

Encouraging social interaction and cooperation through group play and sharing activities.

Helping children explore emotions through stories, songs, dance, music, and role-playing.

Moral Development:

Introducing simple concepts of safe and unsafe through storytelling and modelling behaviour.

Nurturing empathy and kindness through activities that emphasize helping and caring for others.

Encouraging respect for rules and boundaries in a supportive and understanding environment.

Language and Communication Development:

Providing exposure to rich language experiences through songs, rhymes, and storytelling.

Building vocabulary and encouraging usage of meaningful need-based sentences as part of communication

Supporting and nurturing early reading and literacy skills by introducing story books and engaging in shared reading activities.

Creative Development:

Nurturing imagination through creative play with open-ended materials like blocks and art supplies.

Encouraging self-expression through music, dance, and dramatic play.

Celebrating children’s unique ideas and creations boosts confidence and creativity.

Understanding the multifaceted development of toddlers between ages 2 and 3 allows parents and caregivers to provide the right support and opportunities for growth.

Our prenursery educators help nurture a well-rounded and confident child from Day 1 in school. Are you ready to embrace the rewarding process of watching your child explore, learn, and flourish with Oakridge?

Shreeja Menon
EYP Coordinator