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Sit less & play more: Tips to keep your toddler engaged

  • 9 May 2024
“To grow up healthy, children need to sit less and play more”, says World Health Organisation.

2 years is a crucial age to maintain an active 24-hour activity pattern. Parents tend to pacify tantrums of toddlers by keeping them entertained with digital gadgets. Extended periods of sedentary screen time give parents a bit of a breather. However, it is the non-screen activities with a caregiver, like reading, storytelling, singing, and puzzles, etc. that significantly contribute to child’s brain development.

Here are some suggestions from Oakridge International School Bengaluru pre-nursery teachers for toddler parenting:

  • Engage in daily reading sessions with your toddler.
  • Prompt your toddler to locate objects or identify body parts and items.
  • Participate in interactive games such as shape sorting and basic puzzles.
  • Foster an environment where your toddler feels encouraged to explore and experiment with new experiences.
  • Aid in developing language skills by engaging in conversations and expanding on the words they use.
  • Support your child’s increasing independence by allowing them to dress and feed themselves.
  • Cultivate your toddler’s curiosity and ability to recognize common objects by taking excursions to the park or traveling together.
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