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Creating different learning experiences for young learners

  • 21 November 2022

Experiential education teaches students to examine their actions and their thought processes, and even their emotional responses. This internal reflection prepares students for the workplace and helps them make major life choices, improve their personal relationships, and address their emotional needs. For example if children are learning Migration in School, there are many ways how they can explore the entire topic.

Learners can inquire into the reasons or opportunities that lead to migration. They can discuss the challenges and risks that are involved in an event of migration. They will also analyze the effect of migration on countries, communities, cultures, and individuals. To gain an in-depth understanding, children can study migration throughout history. Now, to gain a broader perspective on migration, learners can interview people to understand their journey and experiences. They can conduct a panel discussion on various aspects of migration, which could bring out the different perspectives and opinions of people about the same. Panelists can be selected from among the parents who have experienced migration and are ready to share their side of the story.

Young learners can be motivated to prepare for the panel discussion by identifying the areas or aspects that they wanted to explore. They were able to list down the important questions that could drive the discussion. Through the panel discussion, children gain a broader perspective based on the first-hand experiences of the panelists. Everyone will be so glad to see the young learners take up the role of journalists and conduct a successful panel discussion.

Sai Madhuri

PYP 2 Home Room Teacher

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