Learning Never Stops at Oakridge Bengaluru
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Learning Never Stops at Oakridge Bengaluru

  • 20 June 2021

“Wear a Mask Campaign”

Oakridge conducted a social campaign around “Wear a Mask” with the slogan attempt, practice, perfect. It educates the children, their families, and connected societies by extension on the importance of wearing a mask correctly. While children do understand the importance of wearing a mask, they find it challenging. To help children overcome this challenge, EYP II, Grade 1 and Grade2 teachers organized a mask day during their class assembly. They planned fun activities and engagements to help children understand when to wear a mask, how to wear it right and aligning it to our kindness initiative “wear a mask, spread kindness not germs’.

MIT Challenges

The MIT Challenges are an integral part of Nord Anglia Education’s collaboration with MIT. Nord Anglia Education has a special collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to enhance an interdisciplinary approach to teaching science and technology that gives students the skills needed to thrive in the 21st century. Oakridge students explore the leading edge of STEAM subjects using a university-inspired model of learning. Regular online seminars from world-leading eminent scientists and annual STEAM challenges introduced by a range of MIT faculty on Global Campus are outstanding. These MIT Challenges encourage creativity, experimentation, and teach students how to apply their skills to real-world situations.

This year MIT has launched their “Into the Void” challenges, focused on space exploration. The three MIT experts conduct out of this world research. MIT is in a unique position as they work directly with NASA and the International Space Station. The MIT experts have designed 3 challenges in this “Into the Void” series. These challenges are designed to be flexible and accessible for a wide variety of classroom experiences, including in-person instruction and remote learning.

MIT Challenge 1-Living in space with Ms. Ariel Eklbaw

Founder & Director


MIT Challenge 2- Mission Moxie

Dr. Jeff Hoffman

Professor of the Practice of Aerospace Engineering


MIT Challenge 3 -Space Sustainability with Dr Danielle Wood

Lead, Space Enabled Research Group



Currently, MIT Challenge 3-Space Sustainability is going on.Dr Danielle is challenging students to come up with ways to encourage new satellite engineers to create zero space debris and have all satellites leave no trace in space. How can you retrieve space debris that is orbiting Earth and clean up outer space? How can math, political science, engineering, biology, and art be combined now to come up with creative ideas and solutions for future generations?

It is heart-warming to see Oakridgers’ enthusiasm and passion for MIT Challenge. Students are coming up with exciting and innovative projects. They have created eco-friendly satellites and presented wonderful ideas to reduce space pollution. Kudos to our future responsible citizens.

Congratulations Sehrish!

Sehrish is Year 2 DP Student at Oakridge. Sehrish displays excellence in academics and has been the MYP topper for the MYP batch of 2019. Sehrish is a very organised, principled student and a good team player too. She has shown excellent leadership skills as a Head girl and balanced her academic and non-academic performances wisely in the Diploma program. She has contributed as ‘USG of communication’ in Bangalore-JMUN and trained junior students to improve their communication skill.

Sehrish has offers from the University of Warwick, University of Bristol, University of Toronto, McGill University, Erasmus University Rotterdam. She plans to study economics at McGill. Congratulations Sehrish.

Congratulations Vaishnavi!

Oakridge has laid foundations for each of its students to learn, excel and deliver. One such success story is of an IBDP student, Vaishnavi, who has come a long way in proving her excellence throughout her journey at Oakridge. “I have gotten many opportunities to grow here at Oakridge, all of which have helped me develop a well-rounded profile for college.

Being an NMSQT Scholarship Finalist, Deputy head girl and Secretary-General for JMUN are some of the memorable moments for me. It is a milestone I never would have achieved without the steadfast support of my teachers here at Oakridge. They were always there to encourage me and help me with whatever I needed, even at a moment’s notice” says Vaishnavi.

Vaishnavi has received many offers including UCLA, Purdue University, University of Maryland, Bentley University, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Drexel University. She is planning to major in Pre-political science at UCLA.

Demonstrating student learning outcomes through PYP Exhibition

Grade V students at Oakridge international school, Bengaluru has culminated their PYP learning Journey into the PYP Exhibition on 23rd April.

Our Oakridge India’s Managing Director Mr. Brian Cooklin, along with School Principal, Ms. Pallavi Mishra inaugurated the event.

The PYP Exhibition was followed by Activity Showcase by the learners, thus displaying the Transdisciplinary nature of the program.

Learners presented their extensive inquiry through various technology mediums during their Focus Group Presentation conducted on 24th April. They took their Design Thinking knowledge to ACTION by venturing into Web design, App design, Blogging, vlogging, editorial design, product design, coding and animation resulting in phenomenal work exhibiting their technology expertise.

Oakridgers bagged first place in the Creative Marathon conducted by Full Sail University!

Oakridge International School Bangalore won the first-place trophy in the Regional Creativity marathon 2021 organized by Full Sail University, Florida. Full Sail University is a community that respects and empowers creative thinking.

From among 550 movie entries globally, in the world’s biggest film-making competition, the Oakridge International School Bangalore team has won the prestigious prize.

The theme of the competition was a three-minute Movie showing a clear and creative solution to one or more of UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The participants from Oakridge included Ananya Chordiia DP 1, Satviki Shankaran MYP 5, Saanika Gupta MYP 5, Khushi Valecha DP 1 & Athmika Krishnan

Our students have made us extremely proud by securing First Place in the Regional Creativity Marathon 2021. There are a plethora of opportunities available, and the school is opening the doors for its young talents to demonstrate innovation and excellence in the fields of academics and extra-curricular” says Ms. Pallavi Mishra, School Principal.

For Oakridgers, the sky is the limit

Samudrika Gopinath, an MYP3 student registered for a 6-week course on the Introduction to the Biology of Cancer on Coursera offered and authorized by John Hopkins University, an elite university in the medical science field. And we are delighted that she has achieved a grade of 95.85% on completion of this course.

This course focuses on the molecular biology of cancer (oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes) as well as the biological hallmarks of cancer. This course also describes the risk factors for major cancers worldwide, including lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, and stomach cancer. The instructors explain how cancer is staged, the major ways cancer is found by imaging, and how the major cancers are treated. Overall, this course offers the student a basic understanding of cancer biology and treatment. We hope this has helped Samudrika in expanding her knowledge, further increased her curiosity in Biology and given her a glimpse of future career opportunities in the medical field. “Congratulations Samudrika on this great achievement! Oakridge believes in supporting each of its students from the time when they recognise their strengths and interests. We always encourage them to go the extra mile to deliver excellence and reach their learning milestones.” Says Pallavi Mishra, School Principal.


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