Digitizing traditional teaching or really innovating?
Virtual Learning

Digitizing traditional teaching or really innovating?

  • 20 June 2021

The pandemic has necessitated a sudden shift in the dynamics of teaching and learning. Remote learning in schools, which was mostly unheard of in India, has become the only option during the outbreak. But are we really innovating the education process?

Remote learning is not just about shifting classrooms to Zoom or Teams. Virtual schooling is an opportunity to provide Personalized learning to every child”, says Ms Shaila Bhamidipati, Principal of Oakridge International School, Visakhapatnam.

The crisis has revealed the enormous potential for innovation that is dormant in education. Education in schools is going to emerge stronger from this Global crisis than ever before and Hybrid learning in schools is going to outlast the pandemic. Ms Shaila adds, “Our ongoing work on education innovation embracing Ed Tech strategies that support and strengthen the instructional core is going to bring revolutionary changes in School education. For example, our world-class online platform Global Campus has seen 2.8million views in the last 9 months.

Mark Orrow-Whiting, Director of Curriculum and Student Performance, Nord Anglia Education says, “Teachers will soon be able to use student data – not just exam results – to better target their teaching and to personalise learning to the greatest extent possible. Similarly, students will also be more engaged as tech-enabled content choices will be more attuned to their needs.”

Oakridge has been on this journey of innovation for the last 18 months, with the development of a fantastic Virtual School Experience (VSE), loved not just by students, but parents alike.

93% of Parents are happy with the VSE at Oakridge, as per the parent survey.

Online classes haven’t been the easiest in the beginning, but the teachers were nothing but understanding. With a little push here and there, right now all the classes are efficient and comfortable; in fact, right now I find myself being more productive than ever” – says Vaahnhita from Grade 10 who had graduated her Grade 9, studying entirely online. She enjoys working on the Oakridge Home Learning module.

Teachers have been at the forefront of this journey, continuously unlearning and relearning to ensure the joy of learning. “The students who were usually shy in the classroom opened up in the virtual world! The participation and interaction were high; students became accountable for their time. Can one imagine Daily Assembly, Prize Distribution Activity, Weekend Activities, MUN, Graduation Day, and Farewell performed virtually? We did all this and more with the same efficiency, enthusiasm and results”, adds Dr Pallavi, IBDP Coordinator and Cambridge Biology Facilitator.

The effect of a zero-learning year on a child’s long-term development is very harmful and can cause a multiplier effect as a child grows up. A well-balanced virtual learning programme helps in maintaining the intellectual sustenance and development of early learners instead of making them go through a long period of idleness till the schools reopen in the distant future.

Throughout, EY1 journey was really nice and very smooth, thank you for making Akshara’s journey interesting, there are a lot of things she learnt peer learning, being organized and learned to do her work independently which I highly appreciate. Thank you for being a supportive teacher” – says Mother of Akshara of EY1, who enjoyed her bespoke Curiosity Learning Kits sent by the school.

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