School Trips

Learning takes place everywhere. With educational visits and trips, your child enhances their school life experience

Learning takes place everywhere. With a huge range of activities, your child gets to taste a sip of life while on our structured and safe trips.

Regional, National & International Trips

The experience of meeting different people from different background gives your child exposure to cultural awareness, verbal, nonverbal communication skills, independence and most importantly adaptability. They learn to embrace different cultures and explore the uniqueness of others, which prepares the students to face the real world. The trips involve cultural exchange programmes, STEAM Festival, Model United Nations, UNICEF Summit, Sustainability Meets, University Tours, etc.

Adventure Trips

Adventure Camps are conducted both onsite and offsite to give a taste of thrill and adventure to the students. These are conducted in safe environments by certified people and equipments. They learn to work as a team, demonstrating support, tolerance and encouragement for others. The time away from home encourages confidence and independence, teaching key life skills which includes decision making, leadership, initiative and problem solving. They are encouraged to make the right choice towards healthy lifestyle and active minds.

Safety and



The trips are well planned and take place at different intervals, keeping in view the holidays and exams. Each itinerary is curated by experts and ensures a strong learning outcome closely integrated into the curriculum. You child’s safety and wellbeing always come first. Risk assessments are conducted for all trips, and you will always know who is responsible for your child’s care wherever they are. At our school, we will have regular and well-planned communications with parents, so you will always feel informed of your child’s whereabouts and security.