Boarding at OIS Visakhapatnam

We provide students with exceptional educational opportunities, experiences beyond the ordinary, and friends for lifetime

Families choose our boarding for various reasons and it can provide a pathway to great success for your child. Located on a green, urban campus, we cultivate a truly diverse experience, providing students of over 20 different nationalities with a pathway to top universities around the world. Here at Oakridge International School’s boarding campus, your child will be part of a community where there are opportunities to try new things, study new subjects and make new friends. It’s a challenging and rewarding journey at the same time. Boarding facilities offered at Oakridge, Visakhapatnam are world class. Life in the boarding transforms students to become confident, independent and focused young learners who excel in academics, co-curriculuar and extra-curricular activities.

Our facilities include a stimulating creative and performing arts centre, beautiful, spacious campus with excellent sports facilities and brand-new technology suites that provide your child with the best possible environment for learning. To find out more about the opportunities we provide, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Oakridge Boarding – Available from Grade 4 onwards




Academic Achievement

Our Academic Plan teaches students to think critically and solve complex problems, within a collaborative, diverse and supportive community that feels like a family. The skills built here will prepare your child for success at their top choice college and beyond.

Character Development

Learning to be responsible for yourself, taking a lot of little steps towards maturity is one of the intangibles of going to boarding school. Resilience, empathy, teamwork, self-awareness and positive attitude are a few of the many characteristic profiles which will be built into every student. Our house parents are fully-trained and will help your child to grow in independence and discipline. We create opportunities beyond the ordinary to develop skills and mindset to thrive in a changing world.


Our student body comprises students from more than 12 countries. We offer a full-time residential programme including access to campus amenities, added adventure trips, indoor and outdoor sports. The beauty of Vizag beaches is worth the experience of being a boarder at Oakridge. Making friends for life enjoying the best years in an environment full of excitement and fun learning keeps the boarders in high spirits.

The right environment has the power to help a child flourish and bloom, and achieve what might seem impossible. An early start to an independent and self-reliant lifestyle is a gift. Every child deserves to be ambitious in life.

Oakridge Visakhapatnam offers a home away from home, with boarding facilities that are continually refurbished and upgraded to meet the high standards of excellence and safety, with personalised care and attention. Our facilities are comfortable, clean and contemporary with plenty of space and leisure facilities:



  • Spacious and air conditioned four-bedded rooms.
  • House parent on every floor
  • Principal and Bursar on campus
  • 24×7 CCTV Surveillance
  • Hygienic restrooms
  • Recreation room
  • Personalised study space
  • Nutritious food, catering to all nationalities
  • Air-conditioned dining hall accommodating 450 students
  • On-campus Doctor and nurses in infirmary and dedicated ambulance
  • Study block with supervision

We would be delighted to give you a tour of our school and boarding houses. Contact our Admissions team to arrange for a visit or help you with any questions you may have.


and Trips


We encourage our boarders to build their memories of boarding, of Oakridge and of India. Our school is ideally placed to offer fantastic imaginative supervised trips at weekends which keep our students active and engaged. Our location gives easy access to many fantastic activities including shopping, cultural sites, beaches, and water sports.

With a busy package of activities both at weekends and in the evenings, we provide your child with ideal opportunities to build lifelong friendships. There are a multitude of sporting and lifestyle activities available each evening and we have full access to the school’s extensive sporting facilities. Of course, academic support is also available each day and supervised study sessions are part of our daily routines.

At the weekends we have an imaginative and exciting programme of Saturday trips that you can explore along with shopping trips to pick up essential items. We also provide extra study opportunities each Saturday supported by our academic staff for our older students. As packed as our schedule is, we do understand that time for relaxation is important in maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Sundays provide the ideal opportunity for a less structured day when our boarders can find some time to unwind.

Parents enjoy visits to Visakhapatnam, and of course our students are free to spend time with their family in the city by arrangement. Our staff will be happy to recommend hotels, restaurants, museums, cafes, shopping malls as well as local, artisan producers. The intercultural community life experience provides a challenging and rewarding journey, where students gain the willingness to try new things, study new subjects, and make new friends.

Speak to our counsellor to know more