Literary Activities

With reading challenges, Socratic Dialogue sessions & more, we ensure that your child is globally relevant and updated

Prime focus on communication skills and embracing the global study of English and literature.

At Oakridge International School, Visakhapatnam we are firm believers that English is a global study that should be embraced by every community. Whether this is for language speaking and communication purposes, or to enjoy the vast array of literary texts English has to offer.  With Reading Challenges, Socratic Dialogue sessions, and celebrating birth anniversary of William Shakespear as a theme, we ensure that your child inculcates reading habits and develops the skills to comprehend and communicate excellently. 

Socratic Dialogues

The Socratic method, a form of co-operative argumentative dialogue between students based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas. Strong reading and debating habits enhance analytical thinking and better literacy in our students, which helps pursue social activities, leading to a better community life. At OIS Visakhapatnam, we believe that reading activities conducted all through the year aims to create learning opportunities, support literacy skills and education across the whole school community. The reading activities aid to figure the new ideas and perspectives which are central to an informed, knowledgeable and innovative society. The reading activities at our school exposes students to information and resource discovery and actively develop their information and research skills.