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4 Ways How IBDP Helps Students Ace University Entrance

  • 9 January 2024

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is an internationally recognized two-year educational programme designed to prepare students for success in higher education and beyond. It consists of six core courses in areas such as language acquisition, social sciences, mathematics, science and technology, arts and humanities. In addition to these core courses, there are additional components that need to be completed to earn the diploma: Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Extended Essay (EE) and Creativity Activity Service (CAS). Overall the programme emphasizes critical thinking skills, self-reflection and independent learning.

Oakridge International School Visakhapatnam is the first school in Andhra Pradesh to provide IBDP. The programme at Oakridge provides a unique opportunity to access a quality education with an emphasis on global awareness and understanding. Whether you are a student looking to further your studies or a parent wanting your child to gain an invaluable education, the benefits of engaging in IBDP are vast.

Here are 4 reasons how IBDP helps students ace University placements:

  1. Universities Globally Recognize IBDP:

The IBDP is globally recognized and offered in 150 countries globally. According to a report by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), universities view the IBDP as a rigorous and comprehensive program that prepares students for the challenges of higher education. In a research, the UKs Higher Education Statistics Agency found that IB graduates were much more likely to be enrolled at one of the top 20 higher education institutions than entrants holding other qualifications.

Jonathan Burdick, Dean of College Admission, University of Rochester, USA says that ‘IBDP is the most secure foundation available for successful college graduation’.

  1. IBDP Focuses on Holistic Development:

The IBDP includes Extended Essay, a substantial independent research project. This component enhances students’ research and inquiry skills, providing valuable experience for university-level academic projects. Extended Essay’s play a vital role in developing cognitive, research, writing and communication skills.

Alumni of Oakridge, Kashvi, student of Norwich University of Arts, says that ‘ IBDP helped me in my research skills. I’ve been able to do better, and more credible research compared to my peers in university.’

  1. IBDP Instils Skills Required for University:

IB graduates enter university with a firm foundation for their degree program—not just academically, but with excellent self-sufficiency and resilience. The programmes can give students a competitive edge, helping them to gain admission to universities and careers of their choice, support the smooth transition to university and ultimately perform better when they graduate from university.

Alumni of Oakridge, Shritan, student at University of Illinois Urbana – Champaign, says that ‘IBDP at Oakridge has given me exposure to a diverse set of experiences both in academics and extra-curricular activities that have directly helped me adapt to the US education system with ease.’

  1. IB Diploma Encourages Critical Thinking:

To succeed in the college or workplace, students require thinking skills and strategies. A study in Australia, England and Norway s indicated that IB students had significantly higher levels of critical thinking than their non-IB peers. 

Alumni of Oakridge, Aasritha, student of ESSEC Business School, Singapore says that, ‘Doing ESS, G4 project and TOK has helped me develop my critical thinking which not only helped me in my university course but has also helped me win inter- college competitions.’

In conclusion, The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) offered at Oakridge International School Visakhapatnam is an invaluable opportunity to unlock your full potential and to set you on the path for a successful university life.  With its essential emphasis on inquiry-based learning, collaborative work ethic, and international perspective, it is no wonder that IBDP is becoming increasingly popular among high schoolers looking for a dynamic educational experience that will prepare them for the challenges of university life. To know more about how our IBDP students are acing University entrances visit Oakridge now!