15th Annual Day Celebrations of Oakridge International School Visakhapatnam

  • 19 December 2023

Oakridge International School illuminated with cultural brilliance during its 15th Annual Day, themed ‘Kalakriti – Celebrating Incredible India.’ Students showcased their endearing performances, reflecting the diversity and richness of Indian culture. The Mahabharat Act by primary students and Dashavataram Kuchipudi Dance by secondary students stole the show as the jewels of the event.

The Visual Art Exhibition, a testament to creativity and craftsmanship, displayed the brilliance of India’s Folk artforms, providing a platform to appreciate the students’ artistic prowess.

Chief Guest of the inaugural day Ms. Nandini Salaria, IFS, Zoo Curator of Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, applauded the talent showcased by students, emphasizing life as a continuous learning experience. She encouraged young minds to seize every opportunity to maximize their school life experience.

Chief Guests Dr. Abraham Varughese, Director, NSTL, and Mr. Murali Rambha, SP & HoB, CBI, Anti-Corruption Branch Visakhapatnam, also lauded the students’ talent. . Dr. Abraham urged children to fulfil the dream of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam of making India the superpower. Mr. Murali encouraged the students to be disciplined and to grab this opportunity for becoming responsible citizens of India.

Shaila Bhamidipati, Principal of Oakridge International School, stated, ‘Kalakriti is the reflection of the school’s ethos, nurturing academic excellence, fostering creativity, and promoting cultural awareness.’

The three-day extravaganza was a testament to the school’s commitment to holistic development and the celebration of the nation’s cultural heritage. Parents, teachers, and students reveled in the festivities, creating an atmosphere of joy and pride.