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How IB encourages play-based learning for promoting holistic learning of every child

  • 17 February 2022

Where the mind gets a focus, where the body coordinates joyfully and learning becomes effective through play – IB does its all!

With children, back to school now, one of the favorite activities in the Oakridge campus was the creative play-based learning model for every level. The joy could be sensed all around the place where our younger Oakridgers seemed as though they were in a paradise. The smiles on their faces, the high energy level and the magnitude of happiness filled the entire ambiance with a huge bubble of joy. “We love to slide, the happy slide,” said a cute EYP child who was on cloud nine enjoying what he loved best in the play area.

  The expressions on the face was priceless and what was significant was the way the children had a good balance while engaging in so many fun activities. “We love storytelling and so show and tell helps us express ourselves freely,” the PYP and MYP children look forward to playing and learning activities conducted in the open spaces around the school.  Kids play area, Math and nature, science in day-to-day life, play has always a place in academics learning.  While the older most DP students, the concept of play is of a higher level that can be seen in their personal projects and design-learning curriculum. Events are planned as reflective to their power to treat any challenge in an easy yet focused approach. What makes our IB curriculum stand apart is that teachers always invest time and creative efforts in order to encourage transformational learning.

With great emphasis on the holistic development of children, the significance of play-based learning is very high these days. A seamless way to help them get the best of academics and sports. The benefits are manifold and accounts for holistic development. While ‘play’ means fun for all levels, the IB learning outcomes are very enriching, and that creates a great place for imbibing international curriculum education, creatively and energetically.

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