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Choosing the right school with best curriculum after Grade 10

  • 18 February 2022

All curriculums share one goal: to help students learn. No matter what country or district your school is in, student outcomes start with a solid plan.

Many will see the curriculum as a checklist of subjects and topics that are worked through. Some will see curriculum as knowledge and skills that need to be learned, memorized, or developed. Others might even view a curriculum as a program of experiences for students to work through as they progress through school.  Here at the Oakridge  International School Visakhapatnam, we view curriculum as a key and integral part of a learning program that seeks to empower and support our students as they set out to achieve the highest possible academic goals and prepare for a successful life both in school and beyond. Our curriculum contains five distinct areas of focus: Academics, Enrichment, Well-being, Co-curricular Activities, and Global Partnerships. The following quote encapsulates the belief that our curriculum should be viewed as far more than something that is required to be passed, checked off, and worked through. It should be part of an engaging, rewarding and memorable life experience for all concerned. 

Each child develops differently. At Oakridge, we understand this perfectly and provide our young learners with the ideal learning environment where they are not limited by anything in their endeavors to learn. The school offers the national curriculum (CBSE) as well as the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).  Currently, Oakridge Visakhapatnam is the only school in the state to offer the IB Diploma.  We have many students who score above 90% in CBSE Grade 12 examinations with the school average score being 80%.  We also have students who achieve their full potential by graduating high school to secure good admissions in reputed universities.  Many of our top students go to the world’s best universities either within India or abroad.

A plethora of Subjects are offered at Oakridge under the CBSE and IBDP curriculum, at this level, students are required to choose their subject of interest for their scholastic specialization in line with their targeted higher education and career-path, Oakridge offers students one of the widest subject options to choose from.

Grade 11 and 12 is an important learning phase when the students are made future-ready for their next phase, be it university research, professional education, or entrepreneurship. These days, there’s a lot more to an education than obtaining a world-class qualification alone. Here’s how we prepare our students for university and the world of work, we provide several opportunities for students to be future-ready, a few are as follows: 

  • Global learning opportunities in the classroom (e.g. MIT, STEAM, and Global campus) 
  • Career guidance 
  • Pre and Post university application assistance 
  • Leadership Opportunities 
  • CAS/SEWA Opportunities 
  • Collaborations with other educational institutions to support the preparation of National and International examinations. 
  • Offering Internships for hands-on learning 
  • Focussing on Mental health and wellbeing 
  • Offering a wide range of sports 
  • Opportunity to shine and rise in the field of performing arts and Visual arts.

At Oakridge, our career Counsellor uses the most scientific methodologies to help students identify their strengths/aptitudes and develop them into career-worthy. Our Counsellor helps them draw one or more career paths most suited to the student and guides them on how to pursue the same with dedication. Oakridge Students are accepted by some of the world’s most prestigious universities, we have enjoyed some of the best university acceptance rates, more than 1482 Oakridge students are placed at leading universities around the world which has created a big alumni network for our students.

We aim to nurture young minds to be successful and responsible global citizens who shape the future in the competitive world, combining academic excellence with creative mindedness and physical and emotional well-being.  

Deepthi Tata

Academic Coordinator 

Senior Secondary

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