Holistic learning to help children achieve more

  • 16 May 2022

In the words of Albert Einstein, the value of education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think. Indeed, at Oakridge, the ability to think critically and communicate effectively are the skills developed in children from primary years itself. It is therefore, no surprise that our DP scholarship student Shivani Menon, who commenced her IB journey with us 9 years ago in Grade IV, is graduating from IBDP this year to join the prestigious University of Berkeley. “My growth as a student wouldnt have been possible without the immensely supportive environment that Oakridge provided me for the last 9 years. From academic opportunities such as being awarded scholarships in IBDP to community engagement through being in the student council, my school brought out the best in me.” The IBDP placements at Oakridge include world renowned places like University of Columbia, UC San Diego, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, University of Liverpool alongside top Indian Universities like Ashoka and Flame. These successful outcomes are possible because we recognize that the journey of learning is as important as the destination.

In the words of the Principal, Ms.Pallavi Mishra, “our objective is to offer the best in international education to our children. Therefore, from early years we create the right balance of academic excellence and holistic education that enable students to evolve as well-rounded individuals in all aspects of the cognitive, social, physical and emotional abilities.”

Holistic education leads to creating progressive learners. It helps the child to develop and nurture 21st century skills like adaptability, active learning, out of box thinking, critical thinking, effective communication, collaboration, technological skills, knowledge on life skills, etc. Students who are tasked with solving real-world problems that exist in their daily lives emerge with strong critical-thinking skills. Subsequently, the whole-child approach to education has shown to reduce the psychological impact of issues such as violence, abuse, or poverty on academic achievement, according to the Learning Policy Institute. In a nutshell, a holistic approach can help students develop a strong sense of self, as well as promote lifelong happiness and success.

Oakridge International School – Bengaluru, has been ranked as one of the Top #3 IB schools in Karnataka. Our students are offered an education that goes beyond grades and prepares them to achieve more than they thought is possible.

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