Oakridge Students Spent a Week at MIT Boston

  • 21 November 2023

Myra from MYP & Bhavya from IBDP at Oakridge International School Bengaluru visited Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Boston for a week-long STEAM program. They were selected out of 80,000 students from 33 countries for the MIT high school student trip. A whole lot of new perspectives were opened in all the discussions, and they worked in teams with time limits, which was a great opportunity to exercise their best ideas.

Spending days and nights building a tree-planting sustainable rover, Bhavya was invited to the MIT-Nord Anglia STEAM programme with students from all over the world to collaborate for hands-on, interdisciplinary learning across science, technology, engineering, art and math.

Bhavya’s open-mindedness and curiosity impressed MIT professors, students and staff alike. Through this trip, he learned many amazing things, got to see a nuclear reactor and met the MIT mascot TIM. Bhavya collaborated and befriended students from around the globe to solve real-world problems and most importantly have fun along the way. When asked about his trip to MIT, Bhavya always replies: “best trip of my life”.

Myra attended a glass-blowing workshop and had the chance to create, and 3D print her own design in the MIT Museum Makerspace. She also experimented with equipment like high-speed cameras to record the movement of water and visited the MIT Nano Lab and viewed high- intensity electron microscopes.

Her favourite part of the whole trip was the climate action simulation discussion where students were split into teams that represented different parts of society and had to propose measures to bring the temperature increase by 2100 to the 1.5C goal, which they were able to do. The trip gave an amazing learning experience that was extremely enjoyable for Myra and Bhavya.

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