Oakridge creating future entrepreneurs through personal projects at School

  • 23 February 2022

MYP Personal project is an independent and individual piece of work completed in grade X. Students select a topic that resonates with their future aspirations, while consolidating their learning in the classrooms. The project aimed to test self-management, research, communication, critical and creative thinking, and collaboration skills. Pallavi Mishra, principal of Oakridge observes, “‘MYP projects are the most accurate indicator of practical knowledge as it prompts children to apply their classroom learning to real life situations. It is truly a process of self-discovery and problem-solving.”

Students at Oakridge usually have their personal project journey at the end of grade 9th (MYP4). Students are oriented about the personal project followed by goal setting. They have detailed one-on-one session with the coordinator to visualize how their passion could be materialized into the project. The project followed the complete inquiry, action and reflection cycle. Students work on the project along with their mentors who support them in the journey. The project culminates with an exhibition, which gave students an opportunity to display their work to fellow students at Oakridge.

Students have expressed their views and it shows their confidence and a great sense of accomplishment.

In the words of Aagney, “The personal project serves as a culmination of the skills we learned in MYP. Real-life skills are rudimentary in life, therefore, enhancing those skills while being able to pursue a topic of interest to me was an astonishing opportunity.”

Mischa of MYP 5 says, “I have always wondered about the vast space beyond Earth, so I decided to learn about space concepts for my personal project. Following this, I shared my knowledge by making animated educational videos for the YouTube channel of an NGO called SSERD (Society for Space Education Research and Development).

Jia of MYP 5 feels” My MYP personal project was a journey of self-transformation. It was much greater than a simple project because it triggered lifestyle changes that grew awareness about the vast variety of veg food that can be finger licking delicious. Through these 9 months, I created a unique cookbook based on the philosophy of “pledge to veg”, while simultaneously exercising my passion for cooking.”

A wide array of projects are done by the students at Oakridge International school ranging from Home Automation, Learning Braille in order to writing books for the blinds, creating desserts for Diabetics, growing tomatoes through hydroponics, creating songs for geriatric patients among others.

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