March 2022 – Calendar of Events

  • 8 March 2022

While we march on speedily in the month of March, there are so many interesting events this month. Here’s a list of the main events to look forward to, as a world of opportunities, unveils right here at Oakridge Bangalore.

14th March:
University Fair 2022 

Students get to meet representatives of Universities from around the world, United States, United Kingdom, India, Australia, New Zealand, Canada at the University Fair in the campus.

14th March : 
Pi Day  – Grade 2 and above

Pi Day brings celebration into the math classroom. Pi Day celebrates the mathematical constant π (3.14). This day is observed with full zeal and zest by the mathematics enthusiast at Oakridge.

25th & 26th March :

Visual Art Exhibition – Whole school

Art exhibitions help to emphasize on the practical significance of the students’ creative work and increase the creative engagement of the classroom and the school as a whole.

Sports Day-Whole school

Sports Day provides an overview of the Sports program at Oakridge International School. One of the main purposes is to involve students in various sport activities which foster personal and social development.

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