‘Bengaluru school celebrates IB MYP results’

  • 8 August 2022

More than 89,201 MYP students in 1003 IB world schools in 110 countries across the world received their IB MYP results. Oakridge students each year outperform world averages and this year also they have a lot to celebrate achieving a class average of 43 as against the global average of 37.7. Oakridge topper, Mischa K has scored the maximum 55/56 points while Ryan stood second with a score of 54 points. Jia, Aditya & Unnati are amongst the top 3 rank holders with a maximum score of 52 closely matched by Chinmay at 51. Oakridge students have made the whole school community extremely proud by achieving 97 percent pass rate. They have built a solid foundation that sets them for success in IBDP exams.

“MYP has been an experience I will never forget- the good parts as well as the bad parts- but I think the most important lesson that I have learnt is not to beat yourself up over something you lost and to focus on the future instead, because I had so many hiccups throughout the program, but it was all worth getting that 55 in the end” says Mischa

“This year’s exam results are a testament to the resilience of our students and the perseverance of our teachers. The children attempted their exams in May 2022, when circumstances were uncertain, we were still functioning in hybrid mode and children had to quickly revert to full formal exam mode in no time. The way they have adapted, aced the exams and overcome the prevailing challenges underscores not only their excellence in exams but also mastery over life skills. Kudos to the parents and teachers. I am very proud of our children, “Ms. Pallavi Mishra, Principal, Oakridge International School Bangalore.

With its high standards of teaching methodology, technology collaboration, and global culture in every aspect of learning, Oakridge continues to empower its students by providing holistic development. The school has always focused on its academic rigor to help children perform better with outstanding results. The core areas are career counselling, bridge programme, subject selections, personalized learning, identifying students’ core strengths, and working around the gaps. This year, as a new initiative, the school will offer Enrichment Classes to its students who seek extra support in subjects like English, Math & Science after the school hours.

Oakridge is also popularly known for its world class teachers who are continuously developing their professional skills through Nord Anglia University thereby making them future ready for its students. The technical integration of digital platforms like Callido, GLCat4, Edmodo, Managebac etc. with IB curriculum gives an enriching experience to its teaching faculty & learners. School has always been a talk of the town for its excellence in Virtual classes even during the pandemic. Perhaps with the reopening of the physical school from Nursery – DP2, the experience has become more enriching.

A big congratulations to Oakridge’s MYP 5 batch for their outstanding performance in their exams!

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