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What is a student led conference?

  • 22 December 2023

What is SLC in International Baccalaureate?

SLC stands for Student Led Conference.

2. Why do Oakridge have SLCs?

SLCs provide a platform for the students to share their learning journey of the term with their parents. They take responsibility for their learning, reflect, and take action for the future. Also, it is an opportunity for the ib learners to practice and demonstrate real-life skills like collaboration, communication, organization, reflection, public speaking etc.

3. What happens during SLC?

The conference format various according to grade levels and classrooms. SLC consists of two parts:

a. Each student is allotted a specific subject. Mostly they get to choose a subject or sometimes teachers assign a specific subject after discussing with the students on their interests. Then the students take up a specific concept learnt in the term from one/both the unit and present their understanding to the parents. The presentation is usually done in a very creative way which could include chart/ PPT/ game-based/ puzzle-based/role-plays etc.

b. Each student makes a portfolio in which they include their various work from all the subjects in Term 1 along with their reflections and/or action plan.

4. Do all students get to participate?

Yes, each and every child will be a part of SLC.

5. How is it organised?

Each class will have learning centres for subjects like L&L, Math, Sciences, I&S and MYP essentials. Language Acquisition presentations happen in respective language rooms. The atrium will be used by the students efficiently for Design, Art, Theatre etc. The venues of the events will be displayed, and appropriate guidance will be provided to the parents closer to the date along with time slots. Oakridge also has student volunteers to guide the parents around.

6. What is the role of the parents?

• Students lead the conference with the encouragement from their parents & teachers

• Listen carefully to what your child has to say about his/her work samples; ask clarifying questions.

• Expect your child to synthesise his/her learning.

• Review your child’s goals carefully; offer specific support your family can provide

• Behaviour/work habits are critical to success at middle school; analyse these carefully

• When teachers drop in, ask them questions to help you better understand your child’s progress in each subject area

• Take part in the survey on the SLC and provide feedback which would facilitate the school to enhance the holistic development of the child.