Keeping children engaged during Summer Break

  • 21 June 2022

We all are super excited once the Summer vacations starts. Summer break can be a great time to make a strong bond with your children. But at the same time parent get to hear from their children that– “I’m bored” or “I don’t know what to do” or mostly they are glued to the Screen.

It is always good to have yourself prepared with a little bit of advanced planning for the Summer Break so that you can keep your children busy and engaged even being at home.

Below are few activities you can try while children are enjoying their summer holidays.

1.Yoga for Children Yoga helps strengthen children’s growing bodies and helps them improve their flexibility, which can reduce their chance of injury. Yoga teaches discipline and reduces impulsivity. Yoga can reduce challenging behaviours in the classroom by providing a physical outlet for children to express themselves.

2. Plan a Treasure Hunt You can hide things somewhere within your home and make a treasure map with some clues to find treasure. It doesn’t have to be expensive or big. Any little treat may be exciting when it is found out of your home.

3. Do Some Cooking and Baking You can plan for a cooking day once or twice a week. Involve the small children in the process from the beginning and allow them to choose from a choice of meals that you have ingredients for. If your child can read, get them a recipe guide. You can help your child to work through the instructions and step-by-step. Try to avoid the urge of accomplishing it yourself.

4. Involve Your Children in Household Chores Ask your child to assist you in your household chores. Children like to just take duties especially when they’re considered younger than what they are allotted to do. You can engage them in folding clothes, arranging books and toys, drying utensils and plates, and several other household works. This will not only help them stay busy, they will also learn cleanliness and stay in the discipline.

5. Painting & Craft Among the nicest ways to show your creativity and express your inner experiences and visions is to use paint on paper. You can collect rocks and paint them, and turn them into pet rock or garden ornaments.

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