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What makes IB distinct in understanding student aptitude?

  • 30 December 2022

Did you take cycling lessons when you were a one-year-old? Most likely, you first learned the fundamentals of cycling from a parent or caretaker who identified the right time to teach you cycling. Wasn’t it a completely new game once you started balancing on your own and eventually excelled in riding?

The IB curriculum provides students with opportunities to put their knowledge into practice through experiential learning. What is considered extra-curricular in the traditional schooling system is embedded in the main academic curriculum and implemented via collaborative student-led initiatives.

Personalised learning entails modifying the teaching technique and learning pace in accordance with the requirements and abilities of the learner. Every learner is different and has different needs. Showcasing individual talent of learners is an integral part of holistic learning at Oakridge International School Bengaluru.

The activity showcase in the first week of December was one event that rekindled the school’s spirit of transformative learning environment. It was a spectacular display of onstage performances in singing, dancing, yoga, and much more! Amid the encouraging applause of parents, educators, and facilitators, children from PYP Grades 1 and 2 demonstrated their sensational skills. Platforms like this ensure that kids have all the resources and support they require to grow up to be joyful, self-assured, and creative young people.

Sara Cherian
Manager – Communications

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