Developing research skills on a virtual platform

Developing research skills on a virtual platform

Let’s talk about the new normal, how we as students and teachers have adapted to our new way of learning. Its time to move ahead and use the platform to enhance our learning. So grade 2 took this opportunity to build their research skills in sync with their unit on migration. The focus was on the mass migration that happened in history. Learners were divided into groups and each group was assigned a topic such as Africa to the rest of the world, India- Pakistan migration, etc.. and a sub-topic for individual research. Learners went about their research using the 5W and 1 H strategy i.e why to research, what to research, how to find the details, when to present, who will help and where they will note their research work. They were provided with kid-friendly search engines.

They started off by using their knowledge gained during the unit and following the research strategy provided. It was an enriching journey for them as they gained a lot of knowledge through this. Learners found it very interesting to know that migration has been happening even before they were born. It enriched their confidence, listening and speaking skills.

Parents were happy that this provided a platform for learners to discover, explore, inquire, create and present their research project during culmination.

Some of the testimonies of the parents –

Keya’s mom Nidhi – “This was a great unit culmination. Keya incorporated her learnings of migration to Indian history and ICT learnings.”

Anjana’s mom Gayathri –“Each and every event was awesome.

Aditya – “It was well organized and kids are learning to work in teams.