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Know How Oakridge Ensures a Smooth Transition to Preschool

  • 21 March 2024
Have you ever watched a toddler take their first steps to school, tiny hands clutching onto a parent’s fingers, eyes wide with curiosity and maybe a touch of apprehension?

Preschool is a significant milestone for toddlers aged 2-3 and their parents. It’s a journey filled with excitement, new experiences, and undoubtedly, a few tears along the way. But fear not, for Oakridge International School Bengaluru, a beacon of early childhood education excellence ensures these tiny tots begin their IB journey with comfort and confidence. Let’s delve into the secrets of how Oakridge International School ensures a smooth transition into a world-class preschool.

1. Gradual Introduction

Begin with short visits to Oakridge, starting from the admission period, allowing toddlers to explore the classroom, play areas, and meet the teachers in a relaxed setting. This gradual exposure helps them become familiar with their new surroundings, making the first official day less overwhelming.

2. Create a Comfort Object

Teachers at Oakridge encourage toddlers to bring a comfort object from home, such as a favorite toy or blanket. Having a familiar item can provide a sense of security and comfort. Such little acts are a bridge between the home environment and the preschool setting.

3. Establish a Routine

Consistency is key for young children. The school’s working hours 7.45 am to 2pm provide ample time and facilities for toddlers to settle in a caring environment. Snack time, story time and short naps create a sense of predictability, helping toddlers feel more at ease in their new surroundings.

4. Encourage Independence

The nannies encourage a sense of independence by encouraging toddlers to take part in simple tasks, like putting away their belongings or choosing a book to colour. These small acts empower them and build confidence, making the transition smoother.

5. Stay Positive and Reassuring

Parents shall reassure their toddler about their new adventure. Emphasize the excitement of making new friends, learning new things, and the fun experiences awaiting them at preschool. Your enthusiasm will be contagious and help alleviate any anxiety they may feel.

6. Communication with Teachers

Parents are encouraged to share information about their toddler’s routines, preferences, and any special considerations. This collaboration ensures that Oakridge educators can provide personalized care and support, making the transition from home seamless.

7. Celebrate Achievements

Whether it’s successfully participating in a group activity or making a new friend, acknowledging and celebrating these achievements boosts toddlers’ confidence and reinforces their positive experience at preschool. By working closely with both parents and teachers, Oakridge International School Bengaluru creates an environment that nurtures a smooth start, helping toddlers not only thrive but excel in their new preschool setting.