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Metamorphosis: March Edition of the Oak Times

  • 18 April 2023

The Oak Times, our school newspaper, is releasing its third issue with the theme of “Metamorphosis”. The focus is on the beautiful process of change and transformation whether it be the evolution from one generation to another, the transition from one grade to the next, or the cultivation of a mindset that values and embraces individual differences. Our aim is to inspire readers to embrace the beauty of this process.

As part of this theme, we are excited to announce that The Journalism Club will be introducing the first ever Yearbook of Oakridge International School, Mohali for the academic session of 2023-2024. A yearbook is a unique publication that captures the essence of an entire school year, preserving memories and highlights for students to cherish for years to come. Traditionally distributed at the end of the academic year, students can purchase a copy to keep as a tangible reminder of their school experiences. The introduction of a yearbook at Oakridge International School represents a positive change that will enhance our school’s culture and identity. It is a testament to the unique experiences and achievements of our students and staff, and a chance to showcase the metamorphosis of our school community over time.

By embracing the beautiful process of transformations, as we have in our school newspaper’s latest issue, our yearbook will capture the evolution and growth of our community. It will provide a glimpse into our past and serve as a reminder of the experiences that have shaped us. We believe that the introduction of a yearbook will be a valuable addition to our school’s legacy.

Hope you enjoy reading the latest edition of The Oak Times: Metamorphosis- The Oak Times.pdf

Have a good read!

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