Make an impact

Your child can positively impact the lives of a whole community at our camp set up in Tanzania




From our camp at the base of Mount Meru, your child will participate in a highly rewarding programme of service work with the local community.

This expedition is an opportunity for students to discover a new culture, meet new people, explore new places and make a difference to the lives of others. After a day of cultural immersion, your child will participate in local sustainable development projects. This includes working in local primary schools, children’s centres and construction programmes in villages.

Your child then has the opportunity to go on an educational safari through the Tarangire National Park, learning about the region’s diverse flora and fauna. In the run up to the expedition, students are responsible for fundraising for the service work they carry out in Arusha. Raising money for the trip gives your child ownership of the project as well as developing money management skills. This is a truly rewarding opportunity. Our students make a significant impact on improving the lives of others while strengthening their own personal leadership, flexible thinking and teamwork skills.

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