School Trips

Learning takes place everywhere. Your child can take part in educational visits and trips to enhance their school life

Learning takes place everywhere. Your child will have the opportunity to take part in educational visits and trips to enhance their school life and learning experience in a well-planned and safe way.

School trips typically complement the curriculum and are designed to enhance your child’s learning. While some trips are local, others – particularly for older children – may be further afield and involve a residential stay.

Trips conducted by our school include sporting trips such as hiking vacations or outdoor pursuits adventures and educational trips to visit sites of cultural or historical significance, amongst others. At Oakridge International School, Mohali we also offer our parent community to interact and build bonds on international trips with the theme of ‘Mom and me’, where the child and mother are invited to spend time away from work and school.

Regional, National & International Trips

The experience of meeting different people from different background gives your child exposure to cultural awareness, verbal, nonverbal communication skills, independence and most importantly adaptability. They learn to embrace different cultures and explore the uniqueness of others, which prepares the students to face the real world. The trips involve cultural exchange programmes, including STEAM Festival, Model United Nations, UNICEF Summit, Sustainability Meets, University Tours.

We include several educational, adventure-based and STEAM-related trips across the country to engage our students in enriching experiences:

  • PEDA, Chandigarh – Understanding the energy conservation projects and procedures.
  • ISB, Mohali – Economics-related field trip which helped promote interesting learning environment and develop students’ career growth and research skills.
  • Meteorological Department – Science/Math trip to understand the weather predictions and to observe the scientific instruments used for the calculations and predictions.
  • NABI, Chandigargh – An exhibition at National Agri- Food Biotechnology institution.
  • IISER, Mohali – Science- Observing the advance Chemistry, Biology and physics labs. Concepts are presented through all different media and different modalities. This multisensory learning experience can bring one dimensional lesson to life and create enthusiasm for a subject that is hard to replicate through other media.
  • Himachal Pradesh treks – two nights/three days’ adventure and creativity-based programme in a beautiful resort at 6,200 ft. Confidence course, valley crossing, zip-line, rock climbing, and much more are a core part of this leadership camp.
  • Dehradun trips- A trip for camping and exploring the premier hills of Dehradun valley. The trip inculcates team building and leadership skills in participants along with developing self-discipline and an enhanced sense of responsibility.

Adventure Trips

Adventure Camps are conducted both onsite and offsite to give a taste of thrill and adventure to the students. These are conducted in safe environments by qualified leaders. The students engage in activities like rappelling, rock-climbing, zorbing, hiking, trekking, team games while also learning outdoor survival skills via trips to places like Himachal, Uttarakhand, etc. They learn to work as a team, demonstrating support, tolerance and encouragement for others. The time away from home encourages confidence and independence, teaching key life skills which includes decision making, leadership, initiative and problem solving. They are encouraged to make the right choice towards healthy lifestyle and active minds.

STEAM Festival – Warsaw Poland

Students from our school worked in teams on a number of projects to design, engineer and produced solutions to real life problems using cutting-edge technology. During this visit, they also learnt about cultural exchange and self-management skills, which are crucial interpersonal skills to lead in this century.

Safety and



The trips are well planned and take place at different intervals, keeping in view the holidays and exams. Each itinerary is curated by experts and ensures a strong learning outcome closely integrated into the curriculum.

Your child’s safety and wellbeing always come first. Risk assessments are conducted for all trips, and you will always know who is responsible for your child’s care wherever they are. At our school, we will have regular and well-planned communications with parents, so you will always feel informed of your child’s whereabouts and security.