Community Services

Rethink the challenges and opportunities in international education through social responsibility engagement

At Oakridge International School,Mohali we encourage students, teachers and school communities to do social good through outreach activities. 

The current generation of young leaders care a lot about environmental protection, and we support and encourage our students in all their endeavours towards spreading awareness and making a difference in the world. Student-led drives including ‘say no to single use plastic’, ‘Peace walk’ help our students become the change leaders of tomorrow. 







With our student-parent community so strong, we encourage our parents to champion our children to inculcate the habit of savings and its essence among children with initiatives like “Charity begins at home”– be it a reward or saved pennies, thereby fostering a tender human spirit that gives.We host various fundraising activities like CASnival, marathons, and runs to inculcate the habit of entrepreneurial skills, interpersonal skills and intrapersonal skills.

Sharing is such a great life skill to teach children. It help develop compassion and understanding of friends and those they come in contact with. From initiatives like donating essential materials to drives like ‘Reduce Food Wastage’, ‘Plant a Tree’, ongoing ‘COVID-19 Awareness’; our students are encouraged to empathise and spread awareness among the less privileged parts of our society to inculcate passion and empathy.  Our mission is to help others thrive. Our school has nurtured a close-knit community where our students, parents and teachers feel welcome and involved. We also encourage our schools to be active members of their local neighbourhoods to ensure that the whole community thrives.

Awareness and

Donation Drives


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