Scientific Activities

Your child can explore projects in STEAM with learning outcomes that goes beyond the textbooks

Our approach to teaching the interdisciplinary subjects of STEAM is all about giving your child the tools to achieve more. Through hands-on practical problem solving, interdisciplinary learning and the development of transferable skills, your child can imagine a world of boundless opportunities. At Oakridge International School, Mohali, your child will be involved in projects with learning outcomes that goes beyond the textbooks. From research to planning, hand and head working in co-ordination for execution, students at our school are constantly in a journey to explore the unimaginable. Last year, our students used recyclable materials like paper, straw, used UNO cards and styrofoam cups to create structures that serve a purpose. Projects and activities related to STEAM help in developing your child’s imagination and creativity while making them inquisitive. It was fascinating to see the students develop prototypes of new technologies to counteract the negative effects of air, water and soil pollution.

Oakridge Robo



We host an interschool event called Oak Robo Championship where students from across the country participate and create robots to compete with other students on select terrains. This STEAM-based event aimed at developing critical thinking, problem-solving as well as collaboration through group presentation. Advocating effective use of technology by demonstrating the importance of acquiring digital citizenship skills, our students are involved in performing science experiments during National Science Day to highlight the expanse use of scientific principles in everyday life.