Best International School in India
  • 10 March 2024

Building Blocks of Growth: How Oakridge’s Environments Mold Your Child’s Development

In the hustle of everyday life, it's easy to overlook the profound impact that a school environment can have on...

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  • 6 March 2024

Unlocking Fearless Communicators: The Oakridge Way

Imagine a world where every child speaks with confidence, expresses ideas boldly, and listens with empathy. At Oakridge International School,...

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  • 16 January 2024

Optimizing Early Child Development: Dr. Sharmila’s Insights on the First 2000 Days

In this fast-paced world, every moment in a child's early years lays the foundation for a lifetime of growth and...

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  • 9 January 2024

The Magic of Bedtime Stories: How Reading Benefits Children

Bedtime stories are more than just a pre-sleep tradition; they are powerful tools for nurturing a child's development in numerous...

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  • 19 December 2023

Navigating Consequences in Early Childhood Education: A Thoughtful Approach

As an Early Childhood Educator, I often field questions from well-meaning parents and caregivers about the concept of consequences. In...

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  • 9 December 2023

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion: Building a Thriving Community

Creating a diverse and inclusive community is not just a goal but a journey that requires intentional efforts. Embracing diversity...

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