Oakridge Mohali’s CASnival: A Festive Extravaganza Filled with Joy and Generosity

  • 3 January 2024

Oakridge International School, Mohali organised CASnival- a Christmas Carnival with a festive spirit at the school premises. The school buzzed with Christmas theme of red and white while the art exhibition, exhibiting the art work of the students, held everyone captive.

A wide range of creative games: Christmas XpressO, Santa finds the Key, STEAMing Christmas, were planned for everyone, allowing them to rejoice and celebrate. The delectable cookies and cupcakes baked by the students were truly relished by everyone.

The school principal congratulated the entire fraternity for organising such a gala event that also aimed at raising funds for the less privileged. She said: “Kindness is the greatest virtue and I can see my compassionate learners showcasing this at every step of their life.”

All in all, everyone was enthused in the spirit of happiness and joy. Undoubtedly, it was an event filled with fun and frolic.