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How will the study at an International School benefit your child in future career?

  • 29 April 2022

Being a Communications Manager at Oakridge Mohali, I often meet visitors and parents at school, and I come across a few very basic questions like “What is an international school? What is the difference between an international school and a local private school? Is it worth going to an international school?” and the list goes on and on. So, I thought of trying to shed light on the same in today’s blog. Let’s start with the key features and benefits of an international education.


What makes an international school different?

In one of the plays, Shakespeare quotes: “What’s in a name” by which he meant- the quality of the thing speaks for itself, needless of mentioning the name. The best international schools provide an education at par with international standards by:

  • providing a set of international curriculums (IB, Cambridge) along with national curriculums of the country (CBSE, in India).
  • recruiting teachers from across the globe with a teaching style which is beyond traditional.
  • collaborating internationally to offer a plethora of opportunities and to inculcate 21st century skills in your child.
  • catering to students from across the globe forming a multi-lingual and multi-national student body.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” ― Henry Miller. Sounds fascinating. Isn’t it? But how does studying at an international school make any difference and how it leads to success in a child’s life? Let’s find out.



How will your child benefit out of an international school education?

Here are the top 3 benefits of going to an international school:

  • Pathway to better career options:

The children at best International schools get ample opportunities in the form of career familiarization sessions, guest lectures from Industry experts, and assessments to know their interests and psychometric profiles.

This helps the students and their parents take informed decisions e.g. while choosing subjects in senior grades or while selecting their future career streams. Recently, one of our students, Anam got selected for B.Sc. Computer Science at York University, Canada with a scholarship worth $3000 per semester (approximately Rs. 1.8 Lakhs per semester).

Therefore, even while choosing the dream university, and applying for scholarships, students from International Schools have higher chances of getting one due to their well-rounded profiles embedded by 21st century skills and timely guidance from the career experts at school.



  • Developing Global mindedness:

When your child sits amongst the classmates from different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities, he/she is bound to learn a lot more about the world, and will learn to respect and accept diversity and inclusivity.

Taking advantage of the huge Nord Anglia family, consisting of 76 schools spread across 31 nations, our students get a plethora of opportunities to work on common projects across the campuses via multiple initiatives like MIT, NAE Global Campus portal, Share a Dream, UNICEF etc.

These practical experiences go hand in hand with what we teach them theoretically, and will groom the personality of the child as a creative and resilient ‘Global Citizen’.

  • Transferable education with global standards:

Children, who study in International schools in India will find a slight or no difference if they move to study abroad for their higher studies or due to parent transfer. International schools themselves go under a holistic grooming journey while fulfilling the requirements for the international curriculums, ensuring regular teacher trainings, focus on holistic development of children via trans-disciplinary learning, and a multi-cultural and multi-lingual school community. So, they ensure easy transferability of students across other international schools throughout the world.

Trans-disciplinary learning imbibe transferable skills in ambitious learners, which make them ready for the future world stage. At Nord Anglia Education chain of schools we aim “to shape a generation of creative and resilient global citizens –  a generation that will change our world for the better.”


Thoughts by:

Simranpreet Kaur

Communications Manager, Oakridge Mohali


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