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Theatre: A lab of Imaginary world

  • 28 March 2022

Theatre is a lab of an imaginary world because theatre creates and invents the frame for autonomy. Apart from opening up a world full of possibilities, it is also a way of self-directing freedom for any live performer.

As a Theatre facilitator at Oakridge Mohali, I tried an experiment in the theatre class by the name- “Firstly discover yourself in your lab.” This organic experiment gave the students- freedom of expression and immense exposure to literature, ritually and historically. 

Imagination is the unstoppable organic tool for a theatre lesson. Students create on the spot unscripted scenes with the use of improvisation techniques. Imaginative thought becomes action through which children can empathize with the experience of a different character.



It is said, “theatre breaks barriers.” It surely does!

Theatre allows me as well as my co actors to reach out to learners who may not respond well to conventional strategies. I have seen considerable growth in the ability of the students to understand and interpret a text through theatrical classroom activities and in the live stage performances.

Let’s learn how the field of theatre and drama helps to enhance a child’s overall performance:

  1. In the theatre classroom, students are not only learning theatrical techniques but useful life skills as well. Our students have improved their presentation skills and confidence, while showcasing themselves in different inter-school and in-campus activities, and learnt teamwork, while engaging with fellows.
  2. Theatre is an aesthetic activity as it engages all the senses of young learners with different bits of intelligence, hence also embracing learner diversity.
  3. A scene can be framed in a number of ways. Hence, in the exploratory and expressive environment of the theatre class, children are free to imagine to the fullest.
  4. With liberty to express in the field of drama, students develop creative and critical thinking skills, innovation and meaningful communications, which provides a safe, creative, and social learning space for children.



Finding a theatre facility and a trainer can be tough at times, but having it at the school itself is the best, you could wish for. Being one of the best International schools in Mohali, we at Oakridge offer unique and fun-filled programmes towards acting lessons used around the world. 

Students are encouraged to participate in our school festivals as well as the annual One Act Play Festival, which is a student-led play where our students select, organize and direct the plays. Theatre art skills are taught to our students during the cultural period. Our students are prepared by the teachers to take external exams of Trinity College.



Start your journey now. Let’s start imagining! 

Thoughts by: Gurpreet Singh (Theatre Facilitator) at Oakridge International School, Mohali


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