21st Century Teaching…Teaching Hands-On !

  • 22 October 2021

Stepping into the world of education, I realized what an amazing feeling it is to have a positive influence on the lives of the young learners. As I complete my seventh year in the field of education, it is delightful to look at the journey I have been through. I have contributed significantly to bring joy into learning and build a love for Math. As I used innovative strategies and tools to make inquiry in math interesting in the classrooms, I felt self-motivated. Oakridge has given an immense boost to my self-directed learning with opportunities like moderating for NINNS JAS sessions. The environment and culture at Oakridge is stimulating for students and it invigorates the zeal for learning  amongst all the members of the learning community. Building a strong bond with the community of learners and parents has been an extremely rewarding experience for me so far. I am extremely thankful for all opportunities that I have had and looking forward to learning and growing along with my little champs.

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