From the World of Books ” A true guide “

  • 25 October 2021

Ms. Reeta Sharma is Librarian at Oakridge International school Mohali. She has a Masters in Library Information Science with an expertise in Information Management and reading services. She has efficiently applied library management skills in preparing Financial matrices of library budget in line with the students’ demands and expectations, arranging and providing reading resources for PYP, CBSE and CIE curriculum, promoting information literacy, supporting the use of ICT by students and staff through library software. She effectively forms liaison with other school librarians, developing a long-term library plan and organizing International collaboration through the library.

As a librarian she has a dual impulse for collecting, organizing, and sharing resources as well as to lead, advise, and support students and other teachers with regards to research and information fluency. She is a specialist in inquiry based learning and facilitates students to find and use a variety of sources of information and ideas to increase their understanding of a problem.

Under innovative practices she started a literature circle named ‘Book Club’ for students to give students the opportunity to talk about books with their peers to deepen their understanding of books, build connections, learn critical speaking and listening behaviors, and recognize that reading is fun in spite of the challenges posed by the pandemic. 

Her work demonstrates that she has been working in the International and national curriculum standards for a long time and has the ability to model reading, writing, research,and critical thinking with students.                                                     

Promotion of Reading services and internationalism are integral to an IB library, which serves as a focus for literacy service projects.  She manages author visits, book fairs as well as service connections with the International schools abroad.

She has collaborated with schools at international level in countries like Hong Kong, Croatia, China, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Poland, USA, Romania, Russia through skype sessions, Digital/postal bookmark exchange, poetry exchange programs etc. 

She is a lifetime member of ILA (Indian Library Association), She has been instrumental in the new library design process as per PYP standards by compiling and presenting after taking feedback from children and teachers.

She always strives to keep a tab on the reading level of the students on a regular basis during online library lessons with an idea to open ways for every reader, even the reluctant ones to become passionate lifelong learners.

As an enthusiast learner she has gone under training both at national and international training to upskills the library and its services. To keep the reading up she has initiated a guided reading program for students. She was extensively involved in other school activities such as working for a Job Alike Session as a first time host school, Co-moderator for the Design Thinking Process, co-mentor for Mental Health and Wellbeing. International competition: Oxford Big Read Global

As a librarian she continues to transform to meet changing needs so that students develop the attitudes, skills and understandings they need to be responsible global citizens.


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