What are the benefits of attending a Boarding School?

  • 13 November 2021

Find out what boarding school is like and how it works, as well as the benefits of boarding school, with Oakridge International School Vishakapatnam – Nord Anglia Education.

Boarding school goes beyond a premium education by providing an environment where students are regularly engaged, active and interested. This can be difficult to achieve at private or public schools or when both parents are busy, and children are surrounded by distractions at home. If you’re considering boarding school for your child and are looking for more information, this article covers what boarding school is like and all its benefits. Learning at Oakridge International School Vishakapatnam boarding school will help your child grow into a confident, resilient, and resourceful individual.

An Unrivalled Learning Environment

One of the key benefits of attending boarding school is that children are immersed in a first-class learning environment for more than just the standard hours of school. For 24 hours a day, seven days a week, children will be in a place dedicated to their learning and development. Boarding schools employ the best teachers and have state-of-the-art facilities to help support your child throughout their education. This includes the likes of performing arts, swimming pools, sports facilities, and libraries. Boarding schools also offer a broader curriculum, with students spending more time on academics and extra-curricular activities. By attending boarding school, your child will gain a first-class education and be better positioned to achieve prestigious qualifications and advanced degrees.

Personalized Learning Approach

While boarding schools have the facilities and resources to offer your child a brilliant education, Oakridge Nord Anglia Education’s personalized learning approach ensures our students make the most of this opportunity and fulfill their potential. Studying away from home gives children time to discover their talents, strengths, skills, and even their weaknesses. Our small class sizes and unique learning approach give teachers the time and resources they need to help your child pursue their interests and follow their dreams. A benefit of boarding school that can never be understated is that a child’s dream can become a fulfilling career through the right nurturing and guidance.

Becoming Independent

There’s more to reaching adulthood than gaining a brilliant education. Children must learn other skills along the way, and boarding school is the perfect way to do that. Surrounded by their peers, as well as well-trained staff, boarding students can learn both soft skills and vital life skills, including how to do simple chores and how to effectively manage their time. It’s important that children learn how to become responsible for their own actions and can take care of themselves when it comes to moving out and beginning their career. As a parent, if your child has gone to boarding school, you can have confidence when they eventually go off on their own that they’ll have the skills and knowledge they need to thrive.

Making Lifelong Friends

Boarding school is an opportunity for children to spend the majority of their time with other children their age learning, playing, and sharing experiences together. One of the most significant benefits of boarding school to young children is that dorm life produces more meaningful friendships and bonds. This can also benefit their education. Boarders are motivated by their peers; sharing this positive environment with some of their closest friends and offering each other support often helps improve their grades.

Improves Family Life

Another benefit of boarding school is it can relieve pressure on parents who have busy work lives or have children who require additional care. Parents understand what boarding school is like and trust that their child is being cared for and given the support they need to succeed throughout their educational journey. It can be reassuring to know they’re not detached from a family atmosphere as this is equally important for their development. At Oakridge Vishakapatnam, our boarding schools make the perfect home away from home. Our focus is on providing a welcoming, nurturing environment where every child feels safe and happy.

Helps Develop Social Skills

As children make lifelong friends at boarding school, they’ll constantly be working on and improving their social skills. Students learn to communicate, cooperate and problem solve while gaining emotional experience and learning about relationships with their peers. Social skills are incredibly important and being able to effectively communicate helps you network, excel in interviews and build strong working relationships. Boarding school is also a great place to begin this networking. We have a wide network of children from all over the world attending Nord Anglia Education schools, and these contacts could prove to be useful after graduation.

Makes Children Resilient

Going away to boarding school at a young age can be challenging for children. Preparing for boarding school and moving away from family can be daunting but children overcome and adapt quickly, and this experience then serves as a positive later in life. It teaches children about the challenges and responsibilities of adult life, and it makes them adaptable when it comes to moving to new environments. This is important when it comes to switching jobs, moving to a new place, and many other life experiences.

We’ve discussed what boarding school is like and how it can benefit your child’s education, but you can learn more about the specific experience we provide at Oakridge International School Vishakapatnam – Nord Anglia Education on our boarding schools page.

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