Students Build Racing Car Prototype for F1 in Schools Championship

Students Build Racing Car Prototype for F1 in Schools Championship

F1 in Schools is an international STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) competition for school children, in which groups of 3–6 students have to design and manufacture a miniature car out of the official F1 Model Block using CAD/CAM design tools. The cars are powered by CO₂ cartridges and are attached to a track by a nylon wire. Owing it to the collective interest in designing and working of a car, students of Oakridge, one of the best international school in Bengaluru have utilized F1 in Schools as a platform to showcase and learn more about their mutual passion for automobiles.

Meet the team- ‘ETWAS’

The team of 6 include Gaurang(Team Leader), Aditya(Design Engineer), Satvik(Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager), Abhishek(Resource Manager), Nithin(Manufacturing Engineer), and Shreyas(Sponsorship Manager). When asked about the team’s name being ‘Etwas’, they said, “the word itself means ‘anything’ or ‘something. It’s a metaphor, saying regardless of what is thrown at us, we can make anything.”

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Students of team Etwas

United by similar interests and divided by different skill sets, each student brings instrumental skills to the team and this union between the diverse skill and strong teamwork forms the core of team Etwas. From knowing how to use the appropriate software to testing and designing the car needed for races, to designing the booth for the team and ensuring the most amount of points in every aspect; they have covered it all. Proving that age is no barrier, Aditya (Grade 7) is the youngest of the lot and is a constant contributor to the team with his knowledge of CAD software for designing the best cars for the track.

Dreams on wheels

Giving the team an edge over the others, the car’s model has been tested for its drag coefficient numerous times, ensuring that the shape of the vehicle was the most aerodynamic, reducing the impact of the air drag on the car. This ensures that the vehicle goes as fast as possible when it is accelerated on the track at great speeds relative to the car.

F1 School

Team Etwas’ manufactured car after processing it through CAD software.

When asked about what gives them an extra edge over the other teams, they said, “as we are one of the oldest teams in the event, we have some of the most experienced speakers and people who can improvise and produce the best, even in less time, giving us an advantage.”

Prepping up for the future

F1 in Schools continues to grow exponentially and has inspired thousands of young students into careers in science and technology. Etwas team aims to reach out to more sponsors to get themselves better prepared to showcase their best, along with making full use of the resources given to them.

With a determination to win the world finals this year going to be held at Abu Dhabi, here are their thoughts on the learning outcome from this competition; “this event helped a lot of us learn our own weak points, things that we all can personally work on, specific to the work assigned to us. Being on time so that we can get the work done the fastest and the best to our potential, being able to test all the necessary things beforehand so that we did not need to make any last minute changes that could negatively impact us as a team, and a lot more things that, despite being young, helped us learn.”

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