Young kids understanding and addressing the real-world problems at Bengaluru JMUN 2018

Young kids understanding and addressing the real-world problems at Bengaluru JMUN 2018

“The Model United Nations is a unique experience, where students gain skills in research, communication, teamwork, leadership, but most importantly, you understand how to make settlement and negotiation to reach a consensus. Especially, it introduces these skills to children at a young age, inculcates them into the world of politics and debate. Student delegates learned about the country they represented, as well as the other countries, new perspectives, and developed new connections”, said Oakriger Tanvi Gorthi of Grade 10, General Secretary at Bengaluru JMUN 2018.


Oakridge, one of the best schools in Bengaluru hosted its third Annual Junior Model United Nations (JMUN) on 28th and 29th September 2018. The Bengaluru JMUN is a forum where students can explore, debate and better understand the workings of the United Nations. This one of a kind, inter-school event, the JMUN saw how students of Grade 6-8 from different schools can become future diplomats of the world. This year the secretariat implemented a new Rules of Procedure to better facilitate the flow of debate and enable students to engage with a more realistic simulation of the United Nations.

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The event was attended by 181 young student leaders in six exciting committees. Under the able leadership of our Executive Board, each committee debated their agendas extensively. The agendas included : Evaluating the Implications of Militarizing International Borders in DISEC, Improving the Economic Conditions of Developing Countries in ECOFIN, Ensuring Food Security for a Growing Global Population in FAO, Addressing the use of Misinformation and Censorship in the Pursuit of Political Goals in UNSC, Evaluating the Ethics of Imposing Migration Controls on the Increasing Refugee and Migrant Populations in SOCHUM, and Combating the Spread of Communicable Diseases Across International Borders in WHO.

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After just two sessions of heated debate, the Executive Board members were thoroughly impressed with the level of research, a knack for rhetoric and negotiation skills the delegates possessed. At the end of the fifth session, all committees, with exception of UNSC had moved into the voting procedure and passed resolutions. At the award ceremony, students were delighted to be placed as Best Delegate, Outstanding Delegate, and Honorable Mention. Awards were also given for Best Position Paper. Oakridge Bengaluru Junior Model United Nations Conference 2018 was hugely successful and a great learning opportunity for everyone involved.

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In line with this, Tanvi added, “In the end, student delegates passed relevant resolutions to the problems posed at great length in today’s world. Being young and well-versed in the goings-on of today’s world, delegates incorporated modern elements into their resolutions, such as genetically modified plants that are better-catered to growing in certain environments, or addressing misinformation on the internet through artificial intelligence. Both delegates and bureau had an enlightening two days, with new ideas on the happenings of the world, and how they could be fixed.”

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