Educating and inspiring young minds with art

Educating and inspiring young minds with art

Meet Arnav Vinod, a grade 10 student from Oakridge, also one of the top International Schools in Bengaluru, who colored the lives of 6-year-olds, by painting mural art on the walls of a classroom in a government school, located in Austin Town, Bengaluru. “As a part of my MYP Personal Project in my school,  I wanted my interests to be helpful for others. I wanted my art to be inspiring and educative to the young minds who are underprivileged. That is why I took up the mural project”, explains Arnav. He started drawing when he was 3, and through the years he kept learning multiple media of art like sketching, painting, sculptures, etc. He found his love for painting shortly after discovering this form of art. For the project, he began working on the mural in June 2019 and finished it in a month! Arnav started off with a vague idea that he wanted to enhance the learning of young and underprivileged children. He met with the principal of the school and showed his designs to her, where she was supportive of his entire vision and suggested choosing first grade’s classroom to execute the idea as the mural was interactive.


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The project began with working fixing the plasters of the wall to give it a smoother finish. The central theme around the mural was around interactive learning, where Arnav included numbers, alphabets and several doodles of animals. There were also magnetic screws installed onto the walls for the students to actively engage in learning, such as to learn numbers–students will stick 3 apple-figures with a magnet on its back and stick it onto the magnetic screws to depict ‘three’. In the whole mural, I ensured that all elements of the design had some learning aspect attached to it. Designing of the mural was a tough task, as I had to consider the architectural nuances into it like the doors and windows”, adds Arnav. Here is the video of the children entering the classroom for the first time after completion of the mural:




Arnav focused on his mural to pass through four filters: educative, interactive, inspirational and entertaining. Needless to say, students found all of the above filters in the mural painted in their classroom and were ecstatic after looking at the marvelous transformation. When asked about his future he said, “I would like to study and learn more about art. I want to pursue art as a profession, and I’d love for me to someday work as an animation artist or a mural artist for Marvel Studios. I do want to make use of my art and skills to make a difference in people’s lives”.

Several Oakridgers like Arnav are taking it upon themselves to better our world each day. From running initiative like Give Way to Ambulance across the country to teaching under-privileged children, to taking up water conservation projects; the students are doing their bit to make our world a better place.

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  1. Kumaran Sivakumar says:

    I am proud to have him as my classmate. Wonderful opportunities are given by Oakridge to explore the treasure within.

  2. TARUN says:

    Having the inspiration to better the world around you each day is the idea enough in this tender age , will have Heaven’s Blessings to lead a meaningful life.

  3. Manju Panthaki says:

    well done Arnav. Sharing your art is the best way to pay it forward. You have a truly golden heart 🙂

  4. Ruchira says:

    Proud of you Arnav… this is true service…

  5. karthik chowdary says:

    I am proud to have him as my classmate. Wonderful opportunities are given by Oakridge to explore the treasure within.

    1. Preeti Sahu says:

      Thank you so much, Karthik!

  6. Tractors says:

    This is such a great article to read I really
    love to read such useful stuff.
    Great Work!!

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