Best outdoor experience for your kid to discover new leadership skills

Best outdoor experience for your kid to discover new leadership skills

From peaks of the wall to the surface of the water, every outdoor exploration offers an experience that will challenge both physically and mentally. Outdoor adventure exploration at an early age is a great way for teens to take the lead. These kind of intense programs are experiential and skill-based as it involves them in a wide range of activities which will have many opportunities to grow as a leader by assisting with decision-making and participating in activities that are designed to encourage leadership qualities such as developing a sense of responsibility, appreciation of independent thought, respect for others, a spirit of collaboration, awareness of our environmental and cultural connections, and a commitment to lifelong service and learning.

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With adventures abound, Oakridge International School, Bengaluru campus brings a three-day Adventure and Leadership Camp once again. The one-of-its-kind opportunity for kids to enhance their physical and mental capability. Activities they may experience during this action-packed camp include Rappelling, Hot air Balloon, Water Zorbing, Swimming, Kayaking, Wall Climbing, Tent Stay, etc. Your child will learn new outdoor skills and build upon their prior knowledge, be challenged with new activities and experiences, and be an active participant in making group decisions.

Oakridge, also known as one of the top international schools in Bengaluru aims to inculcate leadership qualities in students at a very early age creating safe and effective moments for them. Planning ahead, evaluating risk, thinking of group needs, goals, comfort levels, assigning and accepting responsibilities and roles, reflecting on experiences and personal performance, are some of the skills that the school at. If you want your kid to inculcate these skills as a habit, here is an opportunity to grab.

Register here for the Adventure Leadership Camp Season 2, which has been scheduled to take place from 15th – 17th February 2019 at Oakridge International School, Bengaluru Campus. A lifetime experience for your kid is ahead.

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