Update from the Principal’s Desk

  • 13 September 2023

Dear Parents,

Like every month, I am pleased to share with you some highlights and prepare you for what is coming ahead in the year.

Virtuoso Success

The newly launched Virtuoso Cult Fest along with the Investiture ceremony was an outstanding success. Our students displayed their incredible talents in various fields, including music, dance, art, and drama. It was a testament to their hard work and dedication, and I want to thank all the teachers, parents, and students who contributed to this event’s success.

The school choir enthralled everyone with their beautiful costume and powerful singing, the dancers mesmerized us with their graceful moves, the student council speakers, anchors, and actors underscored the importance of good leadership while the backstage student crew members ensured the transitions between all acts were seamless. The chief guest, RJ Tuhin from Red FM regaled everyone with his trademark mimicry and impactful presence. Overall, the ceremony showcased talent and reinforced the school values of compassion, balance, and teamwork.

Interschool Competitions

Oakridge students have also been winning laurels at various interschool competitions, like the best delegate and outstanding delegate awards in various MUNs, 4 golds, silver and bronze in interschool swimming championship, exceling at Asset benchmarking exams, art competition winners, cricket champs and runners up in tennis and basketball competitions. Many congratulations to all participants and their teachers.

Grandparents’ Day

I look forward to the heartwarming grandparents’ day in lower primary school. Children love the presence of grandparents in school and all of us feel blessed to be amid such rich experience and genuine affection. Hope to see parents and grandparents in large numbers.

Oakridge Parent Partners or OPP

Each year, with the help of the class teacher we invite parent volunteers who are parent representatives for different sections and grades to represent the parent community of the school.

All parents are by default members of the OPP but some volunteer parents serve as a link between the class teacher and the section parents for sharing information and getting feedback.

There are altogether 3 coffee meetings or OPP meetings scheduled in this calendar year with me and the coordinators for different segments. We have deliberately combined these meetings with a school event to save you extra trips. These meetings are over and above the calendared parent teacher meetings. For instance, this weekend and the next weekend are reserved for AEM for MYP1-4 and Primary.

OPP and the larger parent community are invited for informal coffee meetings and communication on:

6th October for grades 3, 4 and 5 : 11am to 1pm.

18th October for Nursery to grade 2 : 11am to 1pm.

17th November for grades 6 to 12 between 2 to 4pm.

These dates are identified for your convenience, but our interactions don’t need to be limited to these opportunities only. I would love to meet you and hear from you on email as well. Sometimes, based on my schedule, it may take a while, but I will get back to you for sure.

Thank you to all the parents who sent us good wishes for Teachers’ Day-I have passed on your compliments to each of the teachers.

Many good wishes for the upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi long weekend. In a world riddled with negativity, let us like Ganesh, be the flagbearers of positive change through continuous self-improvement, humility and compassion for all because a positive mind finds solutions easily.

Kind regards,
Pallavi Mishra.