Update from the Principal’s Desk

  • 13 March 2024

Dear Students, Parents, and Staff,

As we approach the end of this academic term, I want to provide you with some important updates regarding recent developments and upcoming events at our school.

First and foremost, I would like to draw your attention to the ongoing Education review we are having from Nord Anglia Education team visiting from London and Cambodia. In preparation for the 10-year IB virtual evaluation, we are reviewing all our policies, evaluating evidence, updating professional development plans, and specifically doing self-audit on how far we have come and what all we still need to do to get even better. In relation to this, your opinion and participation is vital. We will be sharing with you the self-study questionnaire and are very happy to explain anything you might want to understand about the evaluation process. As an IB evaluation leader myself, I feel proud and confident of the progress the school has made in terms of processes, policies, and the implementation of the same. However, we are also aware that there are areas where we can continue to refine and improve our practices. This evaluation process provides us with a valuable opportunity to reflect on our strengths and areas for growth, ensuring that we are constantly striving for excellence in all aspects of our educational program.

And while we are on the subject of professional development, I am pleased to share that the recent Teaching and Learning Conference held in Hanoi was a resounding success. Over 200 educators from various NAE schools came together for professional development focused on the theme of innovation. It was an enriching experience that fostered collaboration and shared learning among our teaching community. I am confident that the insights gained from this conference will greatly benefit our students’ learning experiences in the classroom.

In other news, assessments across the school are currently in full swing. I want to extend my best wishes to all our IBDP students who are gearing up to write their mock exams. Your hard work and dedication are truly commendable, and I have every confidence that you will excel in these assessments. Remember to stay focused, manage your time wisely, and approach each task with confidence.

Lastly, as we look forward to the approaching spring break, I encourage everyone to make the most of this well-deserved time off. Spring break will commence from March 22nd and continue until April 1st. Whether you plan to travel, spend time with family, or simply relax at home, I hope you have a rejuvenating and enjoyable break. Let’s return refreshed and ready to embrace the remainder of the academic year with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Thank you for your attention to these updates. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any member of the school administration.

Many thanks and kind regards,
Pallavi Mishra