Update from the Principal’s Desk

  • 11 August 2023

Dear Parents,

Within two weeks of the new academic year, we have already completed full school parent orientations, learning to learn week, and induction of new students and staff. Thank you to all parents for making time for these important interactions which help you to get to know the teachers, curriculum and agree on a progress plan for your child. Please do keep a close watch on the school calendar so that you can save the dates for such interactions in the future as well.

MYP Results (Grade 10 IB board results)

We are really delighted to share with you the outstanding success of our MYP students in the e.assessments. Click here to read the TOI coverage of our results.

Many congratulations once again, to all students, parents, and teachers for setting the benchmark higher each year.

Sharing with you some quick updates regarding the exciting events lined up at school.

Literature Fest: Our annual Literature Fest Oak pursuit is in full swing, and it has been a joy to witness our young minds immerse themselves in the world of words and ideas. Students are participating in a variety of activities, including book discussions, poetry recitals, and storytelling sessions. This fest which culminates on 16th, 17th and 18th August, not only nurtures a love for literature but also fosters critical thinking and effective communication.

University Fair: To support our senior students in their academic journey, we will be organizing a University Fair and personalized interactions with the CIALFO team. Details have been mailed by the DPC. This fair will provide a platform for students and parents to interact with representatives from renowned universities and gain valuable insights into different academic programs and admission procedures. It is a steppingstone towards helping our students make well-informed decisions about their higher education.

Cultural festival Virtuoso and Investiture ceremony reminder

Another reminder of the unique and significant event that is approaching rapidly at Oakridge. Our combined Cultural Festival and Investiture Ceremony is set to take place on 1st September from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM on the soccer field. All senior school students and parents are invited.

This special event will bring together the vibrant elements of our Cultural Festival and the solemnity of our Investiture Ceremony under the unifying theme of “Leadership.” It is a time when we celebrate both the diversity of our school community and the commitment of our student leaders.

The overarching theme of “Leadership” ties both aspects of the event together. Through cultural expression and the passing of the torch to new student leaders, we aim to emphasize the qualities of leadership, responsibility, and teamwork that are essential for personal and collective growth.

Independence Day Celebration

We are eagerly looking forward to celebrating this annual event with flag hoisting, speeches, a fashion show, songs, dances, friendly cricket matches between teachers and students. The details and timing will be shared with you by the respective CTs.

Please ensure your child does not miss school unless absolutely unavoidable as their presence on all occasions is vital for their holistic development.

Many thanks and kind regards

Pallavi Mishra.