Update from the Principal’s Desk

  • 3 April 2024

Dear Parents, Students, and Colleagues,

I hope you all had a restful and good spring break. Just before the spring break we had a stupendously successful musical showcase by the EYP team and a very successful education review by the NAE team. As we move closer to the year-end assessments and board exams, I wanted to share some important updates and upcoming events with you.

Firstly, our dedicated coordinators have finalized the timetable for the assessments and board exams. They will be sharing this information with you soon, and we will also be conducting a virtual orientation session for parents to address any queries or concerns you may have regarding the upcoming board exams. Your active participation and attendance during this session are crucial. The pedagogical leadership team is also reviewing syllabus completion, revision classes, result analysis and planning for the new academic year. Therefore, I ardently request you to ensure full attendance of students in these last two months as we will also be discussing critical revision classes and strategies to support our students during this important period.

Additionally, I am excited to share that our Primary Years Programme (PYP) students are gearing up for the PYP exhibition, showcasing their creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative skills. This is always a highlight of the academic year, and I encourage parents and colleagues to support our young learners as they prepare for this exciting event.

Furthermore, I am delighted to announce that we will be launching the Pre-nursery class this month. This expansion reflects our commitment to providing quality education and nurturing young minds right from the foundational years.

As we enter this busy yet exciting period, I want to express my gratitude to our dedicated teachers, staff, and parents for their continuous support and cooperation. Together, we will ensure that our students are well-prepared, motivated, and confident as they approach their assessments and board exams.

I am also excited to send you a tiny but a precious gift of the class photograph through the respective class teachers. You can spot the display of the full school photographs on the reception TV and the display board near the library.

Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to our continued collaboration and success.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Pallavi Mishra